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Facts to Consider

Get the facts about these services before you apply for one. Here are some of the things you should know about them.

  1. Flexible due dates are possible. Most services have flexible repayment terms that allow you to extend the service for additional time (varies accordingly). For example, your lender might allow you to pay just the finance charge on the due date and roll the balance over for more repayment time. This usually will cost you an extra finance charge.
  1. Enjoy a paperless process. With these services, you can get the money you need without ever having to handle a single piece of paper (varies). Our lenders allow you to complete the entire borrowing process online and via telephone, so you never have to fill out paper application materials or fax in documents to support your application.
  2. Easy to qualify. Traditional lending options have a notoriously rigorous approval process that disqualifies applicants with less-than-perfect financial records. These services, on the other hand, have somewhat relaxed qualification requirements that allow more borrowers to qualify (varies by lender). If you have a job and a bank account, you have a good chance of qualifying for relief (varies).
  3. Convenient deposit & repayment. If you are approved for fast no faxing www.personalcashadvance.com payday loans, your funds will be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. The deposit is typically made overnight after your application is complete (varies accordingly). When the balance comes due, the amount of the loan plus a reasonable finance charge will be automatically withdrawn from your account, so you don't have to worry about writing a check.
  4. Get the largest payday loans available. The average short-term lending site offers maximum amounts of $300-$500. Our lenders, on the other hand, offer amounts of up to $1500 upon qualification (varies by lender). This means that our lenders offer some of the largest advances available online.
  5. Quick application process. Most of our lenders offer simple, online applications that take only two or three minutes to complete. They will ask you for your contact, bank account, and employment information. Once you submit this information, you will usually find out instantly if you're approved (varies accordingly).

If you have any questions, please take a gander at our Frequently Asked Questions page.